Custom Intakes from Kikker

Acceleration and Power

Our Custom Intakes can give you car an increased in power. While this varies from vehicle to vehicle because of the interplay of all the components, Custom air intakes can tack on about five to 20 horsepower to the current speed. Custom Air intakes can also increase the engine's responsiveness when speedy acceleration is required.

Fuel Efficiency

Engines rely on a mixture of fuel and air to create an explosion that powers the car. When there is not enough air pumping through the engine, the vehicle consumes more gas to compensate for the lack of oxygen. Because stock intakes that come with your vehicle are designed to be quiet instead of fuel efficient, they tend to use more gasoline as a result. With the Custom Intake it will be Pumping in more air that can reduce gas consumption and translate to saving on fuel expenses for the car owner. For those who are concerned about fuel efficiency Custom air intake will improve your fuel effciency.